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Hanqing Pan has been awarded to work at LANL in multidisciplinary proposal teams  of 3 to generate novel research solutions to the important challenges of forward deployment of advanced measurement technologies (Science of Signatures) research gaps related to pertinent national security challenges.


Prof. Wingenter has been invited to the DOE Earth System Modeling Workshop/David J. Erickson III Memorial Lectures, sponsored by Oak Ridge National Laboratory's CSMD and the CCSI. Prof. Wingenter was awarded a travel grant by the New Mexico Consortium.

Doleshwar Niroula and Liam Hallada of the Tello-Aburto Group recently published their work "A Total Synthesis of Hortonone C" in Tetrahedron


Chemistry Seminar:

Prof. Sally Pias (NMT Dept. of Chemistry)

"Cholesterol Modulates Membrane Pathways for Oxygen Diffusion."

Mar 24 at Noon in Jones Annex 101

NMT Department of Chemistry

801 Leroy Place, 259 Jones Hall, Socorro, NM 87801


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