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Dr. Mike Heagy joined the Editorial Board to the International Journal of Photoenergy. Congratulations to Dr. Heagy!!!

Ria Quintana, an NM-INBRE recipient of the 2015 NISE summer internship, was selected by the 2016 Introduction to Cancer Research Career (ICRC) and received ICRC summer internship.

Dan Leonard and Hanqing Pan recently published their work "Photocatalyzed Reduction of Bicarbonate to Formate: Effect of ZnS Crystal Structure and Positive Hole Scavenger" in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces


Hanqing Pan has been awarded to work at LANL in multidisciplinary proposal teams  of 3 to generate novel research solutions to the important challenges of forward deployment of advanced measurement technologies (Science of Signatures) research gaps related to pertinent national security challenges.




Sally Pias has received the Melvin H. Knisely Award, the highest honor given to a junior investigator by the International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue.

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