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Prof. Wingenter has been invited to the DOE Earth System Modeling Workshop/David J. Erickson III Memorial Lectures, sponsored by Oak Ridge National Laboratory's CSMD and the CCSI. Prof. Wingenter was awarded a travel grant by the New Mexico Consortium.

Doleshwar Niroula and Liam Hallada of the Tello-Aburto Group recently published their work "A Total Synthesis of Hortonone C" in Tetrahedron


Graduate Candidacy Defense::


Ruwini Rajapaksha - Ph.D student


Apr 28 at Noon in Jones Annex 101

Graduate Candidacy Defense:

Rubi Gurung - Ph.D. student

May 3 at 2:00 in Wier 102

Graduate Candidacy Defense:

Gayatri Gautam - Ph.D. student

May 4 at 2:00 in MSEC 103

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