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Eshani Hettiarachchi from Dr. Rubasinghege's group recently published her work on “Atmospheric Processing and Iron Mobilization of Ilmenite: Iron-Containing Ternary Oxide in Mineral Dust Aerosol” in Journal of Physical Chemistry A.

Sabino Maldonado-Toress of Dr. Rubasinghege's group has been awarded a summer research internship at the Harvard-Amgen Scholars Program.

Congratulations Sabino.

Ruwini D Rajapaksha, of Dr. Ranasinghe's research group recently published their work on "Spectroscopic Study of a Photoactive Antibacterial Agent: 2,3-Distyrylindole" in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A

Gayatri Gautam from Dr. Piyasena's group recently published his work on “Simple and inexpensive micromachined aluminum microfluidic devices for acoustic focusing of particles and cells” in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry.

Dr. Rubasinghege and his group published their most recent finding on "Iron dissolution and speciation in atmospheric mineral dust: Metal-metal synergistic and antagonistic effects" in Atmospheric Environment.

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