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Department of Chemistry

Welcome to the web site for the Department of Chemistry at New Mexico Tech. This web site provides information on our academic programs, a list of departmental personnel, descriptions of our graduate and undergraduate degree programs, a schedule of seminars and events, and departmental news.

Students can earn the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry at New Mexico Tech. The Department offers an option in Biochemistry at the B.S. and M.S. levels and an option in Environmental Science at the B.S. level. The department offers a minor in Chemistry at the undergraduate level.

Chemistry is a very flexible degree. Graduates can readily find employment in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Chemists are also in demand at federal laboratories and other research institutions. Chemistry is an excellent preparation for medical, veterinary, dental, and pharmacy school. Many of our undergraduates go on to graduate studies in Chemistry and Biochemistry.


Our Research

Research groups led by the New Mexico Tech Chemistry faculty investigate topics falling under two general categories: Biomedical Chemistry and Environment/Sustainability.

Biomedical Chemistry

Work in this area includes synthesis of natural products and medicinal compounds (Tello-Aburto and Frolova), development of fluorescent biosensors (Heagy), computer simulations of molecular dynamics relevant to metabolism and disease (Pias), and development of bioanalytical devices (Piyasena).


Our research in this area addresses the chemistry of natural waters and analytical methods for environmental systems (Pullin), atmospheric chemistry and global climate change (Wingenter), solar energy collection (Heagy), and green chemistry (Frolova). More details on our faculty and their research programs are available on our People page and on the faculty’s individual web pages. You are encouraged to contact directly any faculty member whose research interests you.

Departmental News

  • The Department is currently searching for two new tenure-track faculty members, in the areas of physical chemistry and environmental/analytical chemistry

  • Sally Pias receives a generous research gift from the Glendorn Foundation, in support of her work on the role of cholesterol in cancer pathology

  • The Department welcomes two new faculty, Rodolfo Tello-Aburto and Menake Piyasena

  • Michael Heagy and Michael Pullin earn grants from the NSF to study Energy, Water, and the Environment

  • Chemistry takes part in two freshman learning communities

  • Ph.D. student Oluwaseun Ogunro takes part in an international climate change workshop in China

  • Michael Pullin leads NSF-funded effort to increase transfer students success at NMT

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  • Departmental Events

  • 2/12/2014 Dr. John Gladysz, Texas A&M, “A new class of catalysts for enantioselective organic reactions: Metal-containing chiral hydrogen bond donors”

  • 3/7/2014 Dr. Quanxi Jia, Los Alamos National Laboratory, “Self-assembled epitaxial nanocomposite films: Their strain control and functionalities”

  • 4/4/2014 Dr. Juan C. Noveron, The University of Texas at El Paso, “Self-organized functional materials with medicinal and green energy applications”

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