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Sabino Maldonaro-Torres, of Dr. Rubasinghege's research group, recently published their work on "Fate, transformation, and toxicological impacts of pharmaceutical and personal care products in surface waters" in Environmental Health Insights.


DS, Liam and Susantha, from the Tello-Aburto group, published their work "Design, synthesis, and evaluation of cystargolide-based β-lactones as potent proteasome inhibitorsin the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

Congratulations to Dr. Rodolfo Tello-Aburto for recently receiving federal funding by NIH for his R15 entitled "Structure-Activity Relationship Studies of Peptide Beta-Lactones as Proteasome Inhibitors and Anticancer Agents"

Gayatri Gautam from Dr. Piyasena's group recently published his work on “Separation of Sub-micro particles from Micro Particles using Acoustic Fluid Relocation Combined with Acoustophoresis” in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry.


Dr. Youngmin Lee (NMT) will present at the Chemistry Department seminar,

on "Fully Conjugated Block Copolymers for High-performance Organic Photovoltaics"

at Noon on October 12th in Lopez Hall 106

Dr. Praveen Patidar received federal funding by NIH for his R15 entitled "The Interplay of XRN2 and PARP1 in Preventing R-loop-induced Genomic Instability"

Congratulations Praveen...!!!

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