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Dr. Rubasinghege's multidisciplinary research published their latest work on "Abiotic Degradation and Environmental Toxicity of Ibuprofen: Roles of Mineral Particles and Solar Radiation." in Water Research.

Eshani Hettiarachchi from Dr. Rubasinghege's group recently published her work on “Atmospheric Processing and Iron Mobilization of Ilmenite: Iron-Containing Ternary Oxide in Mineral Dust Aerosol” in Journal of Physical Chemistry A.


Dr. Martin L. Kirk (UNM) will present at the Chemistry Department seminar,

on "“The Molybdenum Cofactor and Molybdenum Enzymes

at Noon on March 9th in Lopez Hall 106

Ruwini D Rajapaksha, of Dr. Ranasinghe's research group recently published their work on "Spectroscopic Study of a Photoactive Antibacterial Agent: 2,3-Distyrylindole" in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A

Lili Bao from Dr. Heagy's group published their latest work on "Electronic Properties and Electroluminescent OLED Performance of Panchromatic Emissive N-Aryl-2,3-naphthalimides" in Journal of Physical Chemistry A.

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