MATE 202 "Materials Engineering 1" Fall 2017

Instructor: T. David Burleigh, Ph.D. & P.E., Professor
Materials & Metallurgical Engineering Department
Jones Hall 114
New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM 87801 USA
(575) 835-5831
Email: thomas.burleigh(at)

Syllabus for MATE 202 Materials Engineering

The VWR Periodic Table of the Elements (side 1), PeriodicTableReal.jpg

The VWR Periodic Table of the Elements (side 2 with crystal structures), PeriodicTableKrystal.jpg

Required textbook: W.F. Smith and J. Hashemi, “Foundations of Materials Science and Engineering,” 5th Edition, McGraw-Hill (2010), ISBN: 978-0-07-352924-0. The quiz, exam, and homework solutions will be uploaded onto NMT Canvas [] after they are returned in class. If I forget to add the files, please email me and remind me!