Esperanza Tapestry and Mural

Art projects created in Esperanza

San Isidro; 4' x 4' x 6", 1994, Esperanza, Mexico. San Isidro is the patron of the farmer. He is always portrayed with an angel and oxen plowing the fields. This tapestry was made from scraps of old clothes, plastic bags and grain sacks. The angel's wing is the inside of a potato chip bag, and the plough is an old horse shoe. Over 70 volunteers helped create this project for their church.

Frame Detail: The frame was made of poles used to grow the beans on and the flowers were made of red Tecate beer cans, colored plastic shopping bags, and green plastic clorox bottles.

Mural; 16' x 20', 1994, Esperanza, Mexico. This mural was painted on the outside of the kindergarden. The theme incorporates suggestions from all the kids.

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