The grocery store owner is relatively new to town and gave us his view of the island. It is a mini society with its share of colorful characters and problems that one encounters in the larger cities. This is a strongly Methodist community. There is also no alcohol on the island. We learned that the church got a new preacher last year and he is the only black person on the island. Apparently, when he brought a boat full of Gospel singers over for the last revival the locals didn't much get into the clapping and singing, but decided they liked the preacher.

The most interesting thing is the way people talk. The first settlers came here from England in the 1600's. Since it has always been a remote place, their language is most unique. It is a cross between deep South and English accents-- hard for us to understand---but hard for anyone that wasn't brought up there because they also have special "backward" ways of talking, for example:

"She ain't pretty, she's ugly." means: "She's real pretty."
"It ain't calm out" means: "There is no wind."
"Smelling" means: "Kissing"
"Edging" means: "Peeping Tom"
"He's out of whack." means: "He's really good at what he's doing."

Well, that's all for now. Lots of love, Holly & George

Last Updated: 1-18-98
By: Ted Handel

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