The Zuni Community Project

Grandmother and child. A Zuni womans' traditional clothes are a colorful dress hemmed below the knee, with long sleeves and lacy decorations around the bottom. On top of this is a Manta. This is a black woven material designed to go over one shoulder. Large turquoise pins are worn on the right shoulder and side of the skirt of the manta. Around the waist is a colorful woven sash belt. White moccasins are worn with white leather leg wraps. Ear rings, a fine squash blossom necklace, bracelets and rings are also worn. Her long hair is tied in an elongated knot at the back of the neck wrapped in fabric.

Holly working on the Olla Maiden at the beginning of the project

The young boy from the rear showing his lunch pail backpack and bicycle wheel shirt back.

Olla Maiden showing her woven manta and fancy scarf. The manta is woven with metal strap and inner tubes. Her hair bun was two old frying pans held together with colorful wire.

White moccasins are worn with white leather leg wraps. Ours were made from the inside of soda cans bent together and covered with window screen.

The frame of the fancy scarf was an old ironing board that was decorated with plastic and metal pieces that the clients designed and attached.

The little boy sports a shirt with a rusted antique train engine as one of the shoulders and old saw blade as one of the suspenders. Buttons for the shirt were toy truck tires. His hair is the latest style using truck inner tubes.

A full view of the boy. Notice the old fire engine in his hand and the colorful woven belt from telephone wire. His patch pocket is a toy Ford truck.

These are the large pieces of turquoise pins worn with the traditional clothing. The turquoise colored pieces were cut from a 55 Pontiac fender skirt.

A close-up of the woman with her squash blossom necklace, turquoise braclet and shoulder pin. Her red shirt was of the finest tomato and coffee cans.

This is the original drawing. Nobody could understand how we were going to build it out of rusted metal, inner tubes, metal stapping, soda cans, and TLC.
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