Project New Mexico: The Hi-Tech Low-Tech Bridge

The intent of this project is to bridge the hi-tech and low-tech worlds with adventure and art. This project provides an opportunity for people living in completely different worlds to learn more about each other and to share something in common. We hope this project will stimulate creativity among its followers and that a broader understanding of lifestyles will help bridge the gap between different worlds living side-by-side.

For Project New Mexico, Holly Hughes and George MacLeod, in collaboration with the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NMIMT), and New Mexico Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement Inc. (NM MESA), are planning a 4,000 mile bicycle adventure on rural roads through each county of the state of New Mexico. We will stop along the way to do art projects in several diverse communities. Each project will invite local residents and artists to participate in the creation of a permanent gift to the community aimed at increasing local environmental awareness. Bicycle enthusiasts across the state are invited to join us at any point along the way. This story will be shared via the Internet and in the Chain Reaction newsletter available by subscription. (See backside: How to Follow George and Holly.)

As we travel, we look forward to sharing a slide show of past adventures and public art projects with those we meet. During the fall semester NM MESA will help us coordinate visits to schools where teachers will be encouraged to post maps so their students can follow and track our progress. By following our adventure either in the newsletter, or on the Internet, we hope students will be inspired to learn more about the geography, history, and cultures of New Mexico. Internet followers can send us mail and participate in a question and answer program.


Our link to the Internet is provided by GO-TECH at NMIMT. The NMIMT library has also dedicated a user station to the project to enable Socorro residents and students to communicate with us. NM MESA will coordinate school presentations across the state, and will provide an instructional workshop for teachers at their Annual Conference in August. Chain Reaction has recently become a special project of The Tides Foundation, which gives us a 501 C3 status. The project is also funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, and by newsletter subscribers, a big thanks to all!

Chain Reaction is an organization founded to support the unique collaborative efforts of visual artist Holly Hughes and her partner, George MacLeod, to initiate community revitalization through the creation of public art. The mission of Chain Reaction is to stimulate individual creativity and to heighten environmental awareness. Its goal is to share experiences which help to build a foundation of better understanding and communication within communities and between different peoples of the world.

An artist for over 20 years, Holly Hughes and her business partner of 10 years, George MacLeod have spent the past three years traveling over 30,000 miles by bicycle and leading community projects in Mexico, New Mexico, and Central America. They call themselves Chain Reaction because they have seen how taking time to share a creative idea with just one person, can stimulate an exciting change for an entire community.

The Chain Reaction Newsletter will document George and Holly's Project New Mexico. It will describe our adventure through each county of New Mexico, follow the evolution of the creative process for each of the diverse community art projects, and up date our non-Internet subscribers on the Internet happenings. Subscription fee: $25.00 (8-10 issues).

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