Tennis Balls

Shirt made of tennis balls Tennis balls strung on hanger wire give the illusion of Einstein's shirt body.  This technique was chosen to give the appearance of a giant molecule.  This relates to Einstein's original concept that it would be possible to split an atom.  Tennis balls are made of a rubber core and felt covering.  This felt is part wool and part nylon.  The nylon is made from recycled #1 PET plastics.  Tennis balls are not commercially recyclable, and have a 1,000,000 year life expectancy in our landfills.  One local resident, however, says he enjoys filling the bath dub with tennis balls and relaxes by soaking on them for a full body massage.

A tennis like game was first played in the late 13th-century France, primarily in Paris among the upper classes.  This game was said to have originated with the Italians and Greeks.  Tennis as we know it was invented by Maj. Clopton Wingfield and patented in Feb. 1874 in Great Britain.

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