I left you on the C & O Canal which is presently closed until spring of next year due to massive flooding from hurricane Fran. From the canal I rode over hill and dale to the Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg. Even though there are lots of tourists and faculties for visitors the National Park Service does a good job of showing you how the battle was fought and the strategies used by both sides. Most of this knowledge comes from different soldiers journals that have been found over the years. From Gettysburg my route took me east through Pennsylvania Dutch country. Beautiful rolling hill country with large white houses and barns. The Amish grow corn for their dairy cows and tobacco for sale. Tobacco seems like a unlikely crop for them since smoking is not something they believe in but it grows well and brings in money. I met an Amish family one morning and they invited me to stay with them for a couple of days to help and learn their ways. A neat family that works very long hours by there traditional ways. With no electricity or tractors every thing they do takes twice as long. I asked why they don't use motor powered equipment since they have to compete with farmers that do. Their answer was because it is against their beliefs to become too modern. The five kids in this family (age 1 to 8) were well mannered and all had jobs to do all day long. My stay with this family was a pleasant learning experience for all of us. My visit to my birth place, Wilmington, De, brought back some sad memories of my Dads death last year, and some fun visits with my Aunts and Cousins. Life in this part of the US is very busy for everyone with lots of traffic. It is not a community that I would care to be a part of anymore. Presently I am in Easton, Md, the birth place of my Mother in 1908. I've arranged, with one of my cousins, to stay in a vacant family home for ten days while I do day trips around the area. Easton is on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. The area is quiet without all the hustle and bussel of a big city. Tributaries off the Bay makes for lots of water front properties and boat basins. The roads are traffic free and no hills. With all the water and boat docks there is always something new to look at and interesting people to talk with. One of the best parts is the food. The famous blue crab, oysters, and clams have become part of my daily diet. To complement these seafood delicacies are great vine ripened tomatoes and corn on the cob. It is a good thing I ride to different places everyday or I would weigh an additional 10 pounds during my stay here. The other day I found a sail boat that I fell in love with. It is one that is capable of sailing around the world. I read in a World Cruise magazine about a family that spent 2 years in the Mediterranean just visiting the ports and islands of Europe, Middle-east, and Africa. I was ready to lay down a down payment, after that article, but held back until I at least learn how to sail. If you need a ride to Fiji in a couple of years let me know. On to Crisfield where I'll cross the Bay by ferry to Virginia....


Last Updated: 1-18-98
By: Ted Handel

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