About Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is an organization founded to support the unique collaborative efforts of visual artist Holly Hughes and her partner, George MacLeod, to initiate community revitalization through the creation of public art. The mission of Chain Reaction is to simulate individual creativity and heighten environmental awareness. Its goal is to share experiences which help to build a foundation of better understanding and communication within communities and between different peoples of the world.

An artist for over 20 years, Holly Hughes, and her partner of ten years, George MacLeod, have spent the past three years travelling over 30,000 miles and leading community projects in Mexico, New Mexico, and Central America. They call themselves Chain Reaction because they have seen how taking time to share a creative idea with just one person can stimulate an exciting change for an entire community.

Who Are George and Holly?

George MacLeod is a businessman who has commited to exploring the world on his bicycle. Over the past two years he has bicycled 18,000 miles in Mexico, Central America, and the British Isles.

Holly Hughes is an artist. She has spent the last three years focusing on public art projects made with materials found in the community. Projects emphasize the importance of recycling, and range from delicate tapestries sewn from old clothes and plastic bags for a church in Mexico, to permanent outdoor sculptures made of bailing wire and barn parts for a ranching community in New Mexico.

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Chain Reaction
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