Hannah Brown Hello Everybody,

It has been awhile since my last update from the Chesapeake Bay. With Holly's help, and since we are to head south, through the Inter Coastal Waterway in a couple of weeks, here it is...

Holly did arrive in June and became a mildly seasick sailorette. (She has gotten used to the motion though.) We have spent most of our time on the water perfecting our skills and seeing the Bay Country. We have learned an awful lot and met so many people, of which some have become good friends that we stay in touch with.

Our plans for the winter are to go south. The Inter Coastal Waterway will take us through Virginia, the Carolina's, Georgia, and Florida. There will lots of places to stop and explore. The way we travel I figure it will take us the whole fall, winter, and early spring just to get to Key West. Next spring we will come back north and spend the summer in New England and parts of Canada. (That is the plan as of now.)

As of this writing Hannah Brown is doing great. We have plans to have radar, more solar panels, and a ham radio installed in the future. The last of August we took my truck back to Socorro and had a pleasant visit with friends in KC and Socorro. Right now we a one boat and four bike family.

This will keep us healthy and further cut our expenses.

Last Updated: 1-18-98
By: Ted Handel

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