December 22, 1998

Happy Holidays to all our friends!

We spent  most of December in Socorro visiting family, friends, and our favorite mountains. We continue to love our sailing life, but in September, it became clear that a  neck injury I (Holly) had was just not healing on the boat, so we decided that I would spend time on land for a while. I'm staying with my sister, Laurel, in Manchester Ma., about an hour north of Boston. Laurel is a landscape painter and currently preparing for her first solo exhibit in Boston the end of Feb. We rent a carriage house on the ocean shore with a forest behind us. I miss being on the boat with George, but I am surrounded by beauty, laughing a lot with my sister, and healing well.  I hope to be back on the boat sometime next spring.

Meanwhile, George has been solo sailing Hannah Brown south. George has busied himself with a variety of boat projects and got a new computer so we can do email and weather faxes on the boat.  He plans to continue sailing south for the winter.

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