Nov. 19 -- (Holly)

When we started our ocean venture I was a little scared. We would have shifts around the clock for the next 36 hours -- maybe more. By 7 pm on our first night, I was exhausted--from my own fears. I went to sleep so George would start the first night shift. As it turned out, there was no wind.

When it was my turn, I was as close to bored as I have ever been. I am reading several books, but not really deep into any of them, and was not comfortable enough to let my own creativity flow. I spent the whole time trying to get the sails to fill with just the motion of the boat over slow swells, but we went no where.

The calm continued through the next day. It was BEAUTIFUL. 360 degrees of water and 360 degrees of sky with just as many views. The sky and water changed colors and textures so much that views 180 degrees from each other didn't look like the same day or time. We had a relaxing day changing some lines, and whipping frayed ends. George tried to catch a fish. No luck. But there were many dolphins following us. He always ran to pull the line in when they came close. Once there were 15 at the stern. I could see them under the water and it was like having friends for tea--good company.

Now it is 4 am on our second night out and I am just finishing a 4 hour shift. The calm broke around 2 am giving us wind at 17-20 knots/hour. I feel really good that this happened on my shift. I believe I have arranged the sails proper, and we are clipping along at 6.2 knots.

Last night we used quite a bit of power through the night with lights to read, mast light, instrument lights, the radio and auto pilot much of the time. This afternoon we ran the engine for a couple of hours to charge the batteries and are trying to cut down on power usage tonight, so we have been using candle light for reading etc. I like that light much better. We have an antique candle holder that is gimbaled, it was George's dad's. However, now I am just writing by the light of the moon so I will maintain my best night vision. Since the wind picked up I have been keeping close watch on the wind direction and the sails. I am using the auto pilot because I think it actually does a better job steering that I do, but have spent much time bundled up at the helm outside. Feeling the wind on my face and watching the waves in the moonlight.

Last Updated: 1-18-98
By: Ted Handel

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