September 19, 1998

It has been awhile since you have heard from us.  We spent the summer in Nova Scotia exploring the coast line.  The weather was perfect and the people friendly. We ate the local fish, crabs, berries, and danced to the Celtic music. Presently George is in Shelburne NS. waiting for Jon, a new friend from this area, to join him for a cruise down the coast to Gloucester, Mass. Holly jumped ship in Halifax last week and took a bus to Gloucester visit her Mom and Sister.

Our plans for the winter are to continue south, leaving the boat somewhere for the month of December while we visit with friends and family.  After the holidays we will continue further south for the remainder of the winter.

Some of you don't know that George became a Grandfather in August.  He a good looking boy that will be loved dearly by his Mom, Dad, and Grandparents.  In a few years he should be able to go sailing.

We hope all is well,  Love, George and Holly

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