Joint Log - September 11, 2001

Special Attachment from Holly and George
It was very eerie to realize that the last sentence of the update we just emailed, "If somehow everyone in the world could experience the power of nature's beauty, I think, perhaps pain, sorrow, and even war could not exist." was actually written at just about the same moment the World Trade Center was first attacked.  I wrote the sentence several ways, groping for the words I was feeling, not knowing what was happening.  History has recorded major discoveries occurring in different parts of the world at the same time by seperate inventors.  Our travels have introduced us to people of all ages and sexes, but especially teens in seemingly remote areas mysteriously in tune with universal trends.

We have chosen to immerse ourselves in nature, filling each day with mental and physical challenges that show us her powers.  Focusing on her beauty fills us with exciting thoughts and positive feelings which distances us from the pain of the rest of the world.  Yet, we are keenly aware of how deeply we are all connected.  We can only hope that by continuing to discover and share the positive powers of nature, we spread a little joy.  It is our way to help fight the equally overwhelming power of negativity in the world.

As Hannah Brown creeps into yet another harbor, and the smell of blueberry pie fills our cabin, we have no appetite.  We have spent the day in silence, each feeling the ugly devastation of the morning.  Three big white swans fly past our bow.  We admire the long stretch of their searching, guiding necks.  The sun is trying to peak out of a very gray sky.  Our hearts are heavy, but we know exploring this magnificent area helps them heal.  Hope it helps yours too.

Attached are two of natures many hearts; A special lichen from Lonafjordur, (yesterday's story) and a blue rock from Hrafnsfjordur (where we are now).  Hope you get them, sorry we had to make them so small... Love to all, Holly & George

Hornsttandir Hearts