August 15, 1998

 We think of our friends and family often and wonder how you all are. We continue to enjoy the boating life and are having a wonderful summer with fine weather in Nova Scotia.

 From Shelburne we sailed to Halifax where George flew back to New Mexico to spend  a few days with Amy and see his new grandson, leaving me in Halifax. It was the first time I was ever alone on the boat, and the first time in over a year that I had multiple days to my self. I spent the four days looking over my many journals of drawings and notes consolidating my thoughts. Reviewing this past year could be a book, but I don't know when I would write it, as I am busy with my story books and drawings. Nonetheless, I did start typing stories in chronological order in a file on my computer titled: 'From Bicycle to Boat'. I also decided to start a new journal with all words and drawings together in one hard back notebook. It's called 'Hannah Brown Log Two', and is dedicated to capturing the present moment. For three weeks I have enjoyed working on it very much. I am on page 74, but it is mostly drawings.

 Presently we are in Cape Breton on the great Bras D'Ore Lakes. We are exploring lush little islands with thick forests, wild berries, and beach peas. Salmon, cod, and mackerel are plentiful. There are oysters in the shallow beaches and all sorts of animal tracks in the sand. The other day I saw a king fisher and an eagle soaring overhead. Now we are on the lookout to see them close up.

 George has been working really hard to get the radio to send and receive e-mail on the boat, but no luck as yet. He did find a fellow ham operator who has it and has been giving him tips. He is headed this way from Cape May. We hope to rendezvous with him sometime soon.

 I started drawing for one of my many books that is much longer than my 'pocket books'. Last night I did sketches up to page 25 which is just about one third on the book. Little gnats that got in the cabin and were all over my work, so I lit a candle. Next thing I realized they were many 'floaters' in my hot tea.....good protein I suppose.

 Tonight we heard of a round and square dance at the Marble Mountain Town Hall. If the wind is right, we'll get there. We love the music here with the Scottish influences. While in Halifax we enjoyed people of all ages playing a wide variety of instruments on the board walk. We saw a woman that looked to be around eighty playing the accordion, and a little boy, maybe six, playing the violin.

 On our last day in Halifax the Buskers came. There were street performers from all over the world featuring balancing acts, mime, dance, the trampoline and all sorts of unique and clever tricks. My favorite was a local artist that would take your signature scrawled across an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and turn it into a drawing, usually cartoons. In the end you couldn't see the name. I had ours done in my new journal book.

That's all for now from your sailing pals,
   Holly & George

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