Captain's Log - July 21, 2001

... landfall in sight

Position: 63-59N 23-21W

Big change from yesterday morning.  Wind speed 0, seas flat with 5 ft swells, and mercury grey in color.
Temp, the ever present 52 degrees, skies mostly overcast, but looking around the horizon, there is every type of cloud in the book.  A beautiful morning.

Yesterdays high winds out of the east stayed with us until late afternoon.  Seas got big and we slowed down since we were not making progress towards our land fall.  In the afternoon through evening the winds died
down to where we couldn't sail and started the engine, to use that fuel we have been saving to get us to port.  This morning (8am) we have 40 miles to our way point, then another 23 miles into the harbor.  We could be tied up tonight or we might wait at sea and go in in the morning.  It is almost sad to be bringing to an end the beauty and challenge of being at sea.  Although as far as we are from everywhere else there will be other passages.

Since there might not be anymore Captain's Logs for a while, I'll explain what our procedure is for coming into a foreign port.  During the last 23 mile part we will configure the boat back to port living.  This means changing the sea berths back to settees, taking all the cold weather gear, blankets, and other stuff off the vee birth (in port bed), and stowing it back in it's dedicated spaces.  Then the cabin will get wiped down with vinegar water to  dissolve the salt that has accumulated over the passage on the floor and overhead.  We still have lots of water, so we be able to get our home looking good for our first visitors. 

As we enter the harbor area we will fly a yellow customs/immigration flag that tells the authorities that we are entering their country and need clearance to come ashore.  They will come aboard and look at our papers and passports.  After all is in order they will say welcome to Iceland, enjoy yourself, and spend lots of money.  Then we start exploring, with our first destination to find an ATM machine, then a restaurant, and a cold beer...

What more could you ask for in life,  George

Mate's Log - July 21


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