Captain's Log - July 20, 2001

... first Icelandic visitors

Position: 62-50N 26-45W
Wind east at 15-18 kts, seas 4-6 ft from the east, 118 nm to go, skies overcast
Temp 51 degrees, bar. 1018, sails set for close haul, one reef in the main.

We made good progress north the last 24 hrs.  If the winds had of clocked a little more to the south we would  be lot closer to land fall. If the they remain out of the east we will have to sail north of Reykjavik and tack back SE to make port.  Such is the way things work when your route and schedule are controlled by mother nature.  From what I hear in the news some people might have Mother Nature Rage in these circumstances.  What a miserable life they must live.

As Holly mentioned in her log, we did get our first Icelandic visitor  yesterday evening.  Four, blonde headed, good looking guys came along side Hannah Brown in a small Zodiac inflatable boat with a gift of fish.  They were off of one of the fishing vessels we had past, which was now several miles behind us.  They were in complete comfort in a 15 kt wind and 5 ft seas, bouncing along side our rail, giving us a bag of fish and asking question of our sail.  The ocean was awash on both of us and they would just brush the salt spray from their faces  with there bare hands as if they were in the warm water of he south.  I was so amazed at there feat that I forgot to give them one of our presents.  Maybe we will meet again over the next couple of months that we will be in the area.

Hoping for the wind to swing farther south, so we can make land fall tomorrow,  George

Before I have has a chance to transmit this email the winds have increased again to 25 kts out  of the NE so maybe not tomorrow.  


Mate's Log - July 20


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