Captain's Log - July 19, 2001

... berthing in Reykjavik arranged

Position: 61-38N 28-01W
Wind ENE at 12 kts.  Course to Reykjavik NE or 42 degrees.  Our heading 029 degrees.
Seas, short and choppy from NE.

Point of sail, 43 degrees off of apparent wind, which is about as close as Hannah Brown will run to the wind.  If she was a performance sailing vessel we could do better but she is built to be a heavy weather boat.  That means she will not turn over as easy in high seas.  At 1000z the sun is trying come out and the temp is 53 degrees.  The winds are forecast to remain the same today and build to 20 kts this evening.  That will make it harder to sail our close hauled course.  200nm or about 237 miles (for Holly's mom) to go.

Our friend and contact in Reykjavik has gotten us a dock away from the busy harbor.  This make our arrival in a strange country that much easier

On a Starboard tack, heading close to the right direction,  George

Mate's Log - July 19


Last Updated: 8/5/01

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