Captain's Log - July 18, 2001

... another Gale developing

Position: 60-24N 28-09W
Cloudy skies, Temp 54, which is the highest we have seen.

My guess is we are in the warmer waters of the Gulf Stream.  Seas calm but big swells from yesterdays storm.  Wind out of the north.  Heading ENE, close hauled on a port tack making 2.8kts in a 7 kt breeze and favorable current.  260 miles to Iceland.

The weather maps show another gale developing off Newfoundland and heading NE.  Hopefully, tomorrow we should feel SE wind from it's northern leading edge.  If so we are in position to take advantage of those winds.  If the wind continues to stay against us our goal is to make 50nm toward our destination each day by tacking back and forth.



Last Updated: 8/5/01

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