Subject: 17 Jul 1998 Update

Hello to our friends,

For starters, George is now a very happy and proud grandpa! Jacob Turner was born July 15th, healthy weighing in at five pounds ten ounces.

We arrived safely in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Monday, July 13th, after a three day pause in Portland, ME to get charts. Holly had NO seasickness on this last stretch.
In fact, she was able to spend most of the time at the sewing machine set up on the floor of the pilot house. She was busy making warm booties for cold nights, but luckily has not had to use them yet.

Shelburne is a five star town on our guide book. It has a population of ~2,000 with a beautiful waterfront, many historic buildings, and very friendly folks. This weekend is the Annual Founder's day Celebration. It sounds like too much fun to pass up, so we'll be here through the 20th. There will be dory races (2 man wooden row boats), a greased pole contest, Militia Reenactments, Loyalist Encampment, an 18th Century Church Parade, Garden Party, Grand English Ball, and more. We volunteered to help with the events, and rented costumes for the ball. George will be a dapper first class gentleman in a turquoise corterory suite with brocade vest, and I will be his very shapely partner once I get all the under padding for my dress figured out! Ladies get to wear a big pocket under their dress which is just the right size for my sketch book and drawing tools. Aren't I lucky!!

I also volunteered to make a cake sculpture for the garden party. It will be of a big cod fish. Presently, I am thinking of using a combination of marigold pedals, cherries, raisins, and chocolate chips for the scales. I'll put it together at the home of the Unity Church chaplain (a woman who is also a writer of children's books). They have two Russian kids (9 and 14) staying with them for the summer. They are victims of the Chernoble Accident with many health problems from the radiation. Apparently the radiation is still so strong, it is helpful for the kids just to leave the area for a while. This is their second summer here. Too bad they just can't leave, but of course it would be impossible to relocate the millions of people involved. The kids don't speak English, but for my small part, I look foreword to building a fun cake with them.

In the meantime there are tennis courts, and lots of interesting folks to meet. Yesterday I took a poetry workshop at the learning center which gave me some good tips for my little books I am working on. Wednesday, we found a 16 yr old computer wizard. He was going to teach me how to make my own web pages to paste onto the home page, but we ran into one snag. Our AT&T WORLDNET service provider is not accessible outside the United States. So, we are sorry to say we will not be able to send you any updates, or be able to check our email while we are out of the country. We still love mail, and have someone checking our post office box in Socorro, who sends it on to us once a month or so.

Current plans are to set sail for St. Pierre et Michelin the first of next week (July 20?) These French Islands lie about 10 miles south New Foundland. We will stop first in Halifax for more charts, then have a 5-6 day passage north. We will work our way south trying to stay ahead of the cold weather. In November we'll put the boat up so we can spend Thanksgiving in Kansas City and Christmas in Socorro, as George doesn't want to miss his grandson's first one!

We'll send updates when we are back in the States, and look foreword to hearing from you then.

Happy Summer from your sailing pals, Holly & George on Hannah Brown

Latest schedule change: George in Albuquerque to visit his daughter and grandchild which is why this mail can be sent. Our AT&T World Net service doesn't work in Canada (Canada must be out of this world). Holly gets to take care of Hannah Brown herself for five days in Halifax.

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