Captain's Log - July 17, 2001

... we may never get to Iceland

Position: 60-00N 30-10W

North east, North, North North west at 20 to 25 kts for the last 24 hrs.  We might never get to Iceland because the wind is forecasted to be blowing us back to Newfoundland.  We did enjoy Newfoundland....  Presently we are sailing in 20 kt winds from the NNW on a course of 48 degrees in messy seas that keep us heeled over and bumping into the oncoming waves.  To get to Iceland we will have to keep this up.  It makes it hard to cook, eat, and sleep but we have done it before.

Last night the winds were 20-30 kts right on our nose.  When this happens the point of sail leads you away from your waypoint instead of closer.  So we hove-to for the night and went to bed in a rolly bunk.  After 12 hrs we had lost 11.5 nm, because of drift.  At 0930 this morning the winds had dropped to a steady 20-22 kts out of the NNW so we set sail again.

The system that is giving us these northerly winds is the same one that gave us a push north 3 days ago.  It intensified off the coast of Ireland and it's NW quadrant extended back to our position.  The weather maps shows the UK really getting hit bad.  I remember on my bicycle trip around the UK being pinned down in farmer's hay barn for 3 days while one of these storms raged.  While there I got to watch 1400 sheep get sheared in one day.

As I write this the winds are building again to 25 kts.  At least it is sunny.



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