Mate's Log - July 16, 2001

... dawn on the ocean

Position: 59-31N 31-219W

Dawn on the ocean,
  isn't something one sits and watches.

It happens all around.

Light stretches slowly like a deep yawn,
   until her long arms circle
      the horizon with a glowing hug,
         to shimmer her lively water puddle.

Sleeping clouds shift soundlessly into the
    myriad of characters which share all time;
       while rolling waves sing ripples of light
           from one horizon to the next.

Distant specks transform into graceful birds gliding
     inches above a gaily dancing liquid mirror.
Tilted wings circle and soar as if to bathe
     each feather in golden rays.
Curious yellow legs stretch to
     splash land on waking waves.

Yes, dawn on the ocean
  tingles all senses from the inside out.
It stretches in all directions
    as far as the ear can hear,
         or the eye can see.

What I like best is that,
  every day, where ever we are;


Captain's Log - July 16


Last Updated: 8/5/01

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