Captain's Log - July 16, 2001

... after the birthday party

Position: 59-35N 31-28W

Wind NNE at 8 kts, coming off the NW quadrant of a low racing towards Scotland.  Too bad our course is NE.  It looks like the we'll be doing lots of tacking toward Iceland for the next few days.  The seas are calm which is ideal for running close hauled to the wind (sailing almost into the wind).  Bar. 1011.  Mostly sunny skies for a second day.

Yesterday afternoon, a warm front caught up with us and gave us rain and nice wind out of the SE into the evening. As the skies cleared the wind backed to the NE where it sits now.  Our bearing is 313 degrees which is 80 degrees to the W of our intended course.  When we tack we will be a little closer to course.

Yesterday's BIRTHDAY PARTY was a joyous event.  It started with home-made soyamaze (dip) and celery sticks, followed with one of Holly's famous chick pea and potato curry dishes.  Then out came the scratch cake, candles and the decorating kit to create a master piece for my grandson, Jacob's third birthday party on Hannah Brown.  We sang Happy Birthday and dug into a pineapple upside cake decorated to look like a lion saying have a "roaring good day".

Well we have 357 nm to go, which is growing on this tack.  I still estimate land fall this weekend.

Bathing in the sun,  George

Mate's Log - July 16


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