Captain's Log - July 14, 2001

... long-underwear and foul-weather gear

Position: 57-14N 32-52W

Winds south at 12 to 15 backing though the night from sw.  Seas are 3 feet and confused, no real pattern so we are having a rolly ride. One thing never changes in this part of the world.  The temp. is always 50 degrees, and  the sky is always cloudy.  Being from N.M. this takes getting used to.  We have gotten used to constant cold though since the last 4 years we have stayed in warm weather year round.  We just automatically put on our long underwear and foul-weather gear every time we get out of the sea berth.

We have been sailing in these light winds since yesterday morning.  We have about 12 hours of fuel left so the job now is to stay where there is wind.  There is a approaching low system from the west that we will be able to ride for the next couple of days then a high will move in which we don't want to become becalmed in.  So that will be our challenge the beginning of next week.

Holly has become quite an inventor of new recipes using all our grains, dried beans, noodles, Indian spices, and even onions, garlic, and horse radish.  Since we have run out of fresh foods her hunger and creativity has filled our stomachs.  We do still have lots of potatoes, onions, head of cabbage and a squash.  Sprouts are being grown, and bread is the oven.

1200 GMT
Since the wind has come more to the south, I just jibbed over to a heading of 70 degrees which is close to our next way point.  We are trying to get above 60 degrees north so the building low system will pass to the south of us.  If we get caught in the low we would end up way east and have trouble getting back as it passes.  I estimate we should be in Reykjavik by next weekend.  That will be almost a 3 week passage, most of which has been in calm but rolly seas.

Hope everybody is enjoying a warm summer,  George


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