Captain's Log - July 12, 2001

... my brother's birthday

Position: 55-09N 36-49W.
Wind out of the NW at 7 kts which is finally enough to sail after 2 days of lull.
Pressure is still high at 1026mb so these winds must be coming from the NE side of the High.
Temp 49F
Seas are calm with a 3 ft swell out of the North.
Direction is 061 degrees true.  We are now navigating to set up for an approaching gale to come off of the Labrador coast.  Will probably end up on the north side of it so easting will help to sail north.

This big bad North Atlantic has turned into a mill pond for the past 2 days.  It looks like one more day of calm then hopefully some lite wind until the next gale approaches from Labrador with it's cold air.  Right now though we are in a rain squall and are under sail riding the wind of the squall.  This usually lasts for maybe 15 minutes than it move off in another direction.

This am there were Fulmar's all around the boat as it floated dead in the water.  They only live at sea and I guess don't know humans because they come right up against the hull and you can walk around and they just look at you and go on looking for food.  Even a bank of the door doesn't bother them.  They are always with us day and night, swooping past the boat, playing with the wind currents off the sails.

All is well in the North Atlantic,  George

Mate's Log - July 12


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