Captain's Log - July 11, 2001

... Hannah Brown, 2034

Position: 54-28N 38-51W.  Light wind out of the NE.  Heading NE.
Seas calm with a North swell, there must be wind some place.
Barometer 1024, we must be close to High pressure ridge. 

We are lucky we have extra fuel modules to convert the cold sea water to energy to drive our new variable shape and pitch propeller.  This technology has been around for a long time but the liberal governments dependency on fossil fuels has kept it's use limited.  It is a good thing Exxon-Mobil-Shell-Irving-BP Company made the decision to shut down the Mid-east fields to get thing moving in the right direct for the future and environment.

Yesterday's heater problem was caused by one of the user-friendly nuclear rods that was placed in the wrong sized carrier.  The potential problem was that if we had of left it in that carrier, and when it was expended, the job of removing it might have required replacing the carrier.  We avoided any nasty situations by removing the heating unit and pushing the fuel rod out through the bottom.

Holly and I still feel lucky every day to living the life we do on the open seas.  The move,5 years ago to eliminate government regulation on open ocean travel by newly elected, again, George W. Bush has restored our constitution and our ability to enjoy Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  Our investment in Exxon-Mobil-Shell-Irving-BP has also assists in our life's goals. 

All for now,
Captain George

Mate's Log - July 11


Last Updated: 8/5/01

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