Mate's Log - July 10, 2001

... passage life continues

Position: 52-02N 40-16W
Big Moon, clear sky.


Our radio rendezvous with Herb (the weather savvy ham) last evening left us with a goal of reaching 56N 38W by Wednesday pm.  He suggested we motor sail NNE to get above a new low forming at 50N 60W which will get us into bad storms tonight if we aren't far enough north.  George sailed at 5.5 knots holding a due north course until midnight, but the power is down to just 2 lights so we need to start the engine anyway.  I'll run the motor tonight and hope we pick up wind in the morning.  We figure we only have 40 hrs of motoring fuel so want to be conservative.  Tonight, however, with the motor on, I will take full advantage of the extra power.  I put the rugs back down on the floor and blankets over the companionway stairs to muffle the sounds.  I'm fixing a pot of mint tea and getting my computer out to down load camera pictures.  Hope I got a good bird picture.

Just before retiring, George tried to light the heater.  We haven't used it for the past couple days because we have been healed over too far.  Well, it smoked and stunk up the cabin terribly, he ended up turning it off.  So it seems in our little world on its own time zone, there is always something else to take apart with a glitch to figure out.  I sure am lucky George likes to take things apart.

06:30  time to wake those magic fixing hands up, and put these to rest.


Today:  Fair skies,  Temp 50F, sea condition calm, wind out of the north at 5 kts
presently motor sailing, high pressure system hasn't moved far enough east yet to give us the easterly winds we need
830 nm to Iceland


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