Captain's Log - July 9, 2001

... the last 30 hours were exciting

Position: 51-29N 41-01W
Wind east at 5 to 8 kts.  Genoa, staysail, and full main up the mast.
Speed 2.5 to 4 kts.  Temp. 52F.

We started with no wind that built really quickly to south, southwest.  From a fresh breeze, to Gale, to Storm at times.  That is from 6 kts of wind to over 50 kts.  We spent from midnight Sunday morning hove-to, to slow down until the main depression passed which was to our guess 5am in the morning.  We then started sailing east with the wind on starboard quarter with storm sails set.  By the afternoon the winds were a steady 35 kts with one gust at 50 kts.  The beauty of being in 13,000 ft of ocean depth and sailing in control amongst 30 ft waves was awesome beyond most peoples imagination.  It involved a constant watch as once in a while a extra large wave would sneak up from behind and break on us which the wind pilot couldn't handle so we would have to steer back on coarse.  Hannah Brown never felt out of control and we average 6.5 kts of speed for the days run.  At 7pm last night we hove-to again to eat dinner and get some sleep after a hard days sail.  The sleep felt good even though the seas were still big and rolly through the night.

Earlier today we got to watch an Arctic Tern and Shearwaters playing dive bomber and shot 'em out of the air over the boat.  I guess it is just a game they play but what acrobats they are.  Once we heard there wings touch each other as they veered away, with one a victor.  I wonder if that Tern is a relative of Snoopy's?


Mate's Log - July 9


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