Mate's Log - July 8, 2001

... GALE!!!

Position: 51-08N 42-41W

Difficult to write in hi seas.  Hove to last night  in 40 kt winds at midnight.  Started again 6am in same conditions but could see what we were doing.  11am winds still Gale force, sunny, home-made pizza left-overs for breakfast with instant coffee, 12 ft seas with every 100th wave in the 20 to 25 ft range.  Very pretty outside.  Dolphins were with us for a while to ride the bow wave.  They do lots of jumping tricks to show us they are there.  If you go outside and talk to them they will stay longer but too rough this morning. 

Trying to get to a way point of 52n  38w to set up for a High coming off Greenland.  All this weather is going to make for a 3 week time frame to  Iceland at this point.  ThatStorm Swells is alright because we are going to get to see lots of ocean we haven't seen before.  We did get one of those big waves break over the pilot house this morning.  That showed us where that unstoppable leak is in the hatch.  Lucky Hannah Brown is designed to take seas like that. 

We are presently in vicinity of "The Perfect Storm" incident.  We will throw some fresh flowers over board to let them know we are thinking of them.  It is impossible to really capture the hugeness of the swells from the storm, but this photo is one of my best attempts. 

Love, Holly & George


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