Captain's Log - July 5, 2001

... the North Atlantic

Position: 49-05N  47-55W, 1200 nautical miles to Iceland
Temperature 45 degrees, full sun shine
Wind S.W. 15 to 20 knots, S.E. Gale warning for tonight
Speed 5.7 knots, Sails set wing and wing, Full main and working jib

We haven't had to touch the sails for the last 24 hours.  The wind pilot is doing a perfect job of steering Hannah Brown on our North bound adventure.  We are slowly getting into our at sea routines and chores.

This morning we are leaving the historic Grand Banks fishing grounds and entering the cold Labrador Sea.  Along the edge of the banks the marine life was in full bloom.  Whales everywhere with there arched backs, misty plums of sea water from their blow holes, and even one that came clean out of the water to show us his full size. With all the feeding going on there is always a little something left for the ever present birds.  Today we have Shearwaters, Gulls, Puffin, and the deep diving Murre.  It is hard to believe that the closest land is over 200 miles away and there is a community alive and well existing in these cold waters. 

Cheers from the North Atlantic,  Holly and George


Last Updated: 8/5/01

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