Subject: June 22, 1998 Update

From Naples, Fl. we sailed to Marathon, Fl, in the Keys, to provision for our first venture out of the continental US. After a few days the wind clocked to the SE which meant it was a good time to cross the Gulf Stream. Two days and nights later we were at Cat Key in the Bahamas to clear Customs. We did it!

From Cat key we sailed east to a series of beautiful island, most of which were not inhabited. The waters are so clear, which made for great snorkeling, and the white sand beaches so pristine that knew we had found another paradise. Since we were only in the Bahamas for three weeks we decide that next winter the area deserves a lot more of our time. We plan to return.

From the NW corner of the Bahama Banks we rode the Gulf Stream north for 6 days and 5 nights to Ocracoke, NC. We planned on going around Cape Hatteras but the wind turned back to the north which causes violent sea conditions. After a few days visit in Ocracoke we continued north to Elizabeth City, NC. for very pleasant 5 day stay with other cruisers and some delightful towns people.

From Elizabeth City we came up the Dismal Swamp Canal (built in 1793) to the Chesapeake Bay and a festival of tall ships. Presently we are back in Oxford, Md the birth place of our sailboat. We had a father day dinner with the father and builder of "Hannah Brown". In a couple days we will head north to New England and Nova Scotia.

Holly will post some short stories on our web site if you want to hear more. One of them will be how we are doing after of living on board "Hannah Brown" for a year.

Our Best to all, George and Holly

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