Subject: April 8 update: 5 Stories

Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 13:00:40 -0600
From: George MacLeod

Hello family and friends!!

April 18 marks the first Anniversary of owning 'Hannah Brown'. It is hard to see daily progress, but looking back, we feel we've come a long way. We have sailed over 8,000 miles and spent only $133 on fuel. We've seen 40 knot winds with 15 ft. waves and windless days at sea where the sky and the ocean surround us with different colors of blue in every direction. We've sailed with jumping porpoise and swooping birds, with freighters, fishing boats and customized yachts. We've met some real characters, and learned a lot of history. George has become such a good chef, and Holly such a good bread baker, that we are usually disappointed when we go out to eat.

We have had a busy spring on the west coast of Florida as we continue to explore and practice sailing in the midst of El Nino's mysterious weather patterns. Presently we are in Naples for a week to create and install a few boat projects. One of these is a rain water collector which we look foreword to using on our adventures to more remote islands. From here we plan to visit the Bahamas for a couple of weeks, and maybe test out our water collector. When the weather looks good we will catch the Gulf Stream and sail north for a 4-5 day ocean outing. We plan to spend the summer in the New England area and work our way up as far as Nova Scotia.

We are planning a trip to NM and KC in October before we head south to the Caribbean for next winter. In the meantime here are a few stories that give you a closer look at our life and its challenges. [These and other stories are posted on the home page which we hope to really perfect by mid June (]

We love hearing from you. Happy Easter from your sailing pals, George & Holly

      ######           ----    ----            -&&$-
    ###**#*###       /      \/      \         /  &  \
   ## .^ .^ ##      (                )       -(;)-(;)-
  ###  ()   ###      \              /      (0   ()   O)
   ## \__/ ###        \            /         \ \__/ /
    ##    ##           \          /           \____/
      ....               \      /              \  /
                           \  / 

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