Anchor Dragon
(Venice, Fl.)

March 20, 1998......

The Anchor Dragon is not really a mystery monster from the deep, but it can be just as scary. Last night a storm was brewing, we watched for it all day but when we went to bed, it was still rather calm. In the middle of the night, we heard the wind start to howl, and got up to make sure everything was ok. Well, Hannah Brown was fine, but a big 50 ft yacht had broken from its anchor and was heading our way at a quick pace. It was all dark, so we knew the owners were probably asleep inside. Even though it was much bigger than us, it was fiberglass, and would surely get a big hole if it ran into our pointed aluminum bow. Somehow, as it approached us, the wind shifted so the yacht crossed in front of us. Missing our bow sprint by just an inch, it came along side of us. We knocked on the side of the boat and yelled as loud, and hard as we could. Finally the owner came up and yelled back, "Hey what's happening?" When he realized that his boat was loose, he got shocked into quick action, which gave us a good laugh. His anchor got tangled up in ours, but he managed to get loose and out of our way without a scratch. I was very proud of Captain George, first because he had the sense to get up and check things out before the trouble happened, and second because we have something special on our boat that would prevent that from ever happening to us. We use a GPS, Global Positioning System to keep track of where we are. It works by constantly receiving signals from satellites. When we are at anchor, we always set an alarm that goes off if our boat drifts out of a certain range indicating the anchor is dragging. We also use two anchors, where the bigger yacht only had one out. We've heard a lot about the anchor dragon, now we know what it's like.

Last Updated: 4-22-98
By: Ted Handel

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