February 25, 1999

After spending last summer in Nova Scotia, and sailing down the East Coast I have ended up in Charleston, SC. Those that don't know, Holly got off the boat in Halifax in September to spend some time with her sister. We met in NY City for a few days in October and we both went to Socorro for the Christmas Holidays. Holly will be visiting me in Charleston for a couple of weeks in March.

I am enjoying my stay in Charleston. The marina is friendly and has all a person needs in walking or bicycling range. There are several boats here for the winter and we all have something in common which makes for some good times and potluck dinners. This weekend the marina is hosting a fish fry and potluck.

I will be leaving here in late March to head north to the Chesapeake Bay for a couple of months. The first part of June I will sail North to Massachusetts to pick up Holly. We will continue North to Newfoundland for the summer. They are celebrating their 50th anniversary of being part of Canada.

I could use crew for the trip from here to the Chesapeake and from there to Massachusetts. Let me know if you are available.

Take Care, George

George MacLeod
Aboard the sailing vessel "Hannah Brown"
Box 271
Socorro, NM 87801

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