MS Students

David Hart. Uncertainty Quantification of Contaminant Plume Spread in Water Distribution Systems, 2016. David is employed at Sandia National Labs.

Joshua Brashear. Scheduling Disaster Recovery Operations in Information Technology Under FISMA , 2015. Joshua is employed at LANL.

Robert Aumer Calibration of Low Energy Production of 36-Cl and the Creation of an Exposure Age Calculator, 2011. Rob is now working at Bentek Energy.

Jon Robert Brown Dynamic Heat Capacity of the East Ising Model, 2009. Jon is continuing as a PhD student in Materials at NMT.

Aaron Wilson, Applying a Boundary Point Method to an SDP Relaxation of the Maximum Independent Set Problem for Branch and Bound, 2009. Aaron is employed as instructor in the math department at NMT.

Taylor Dotson, Relaxation Behavior in Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Simple Polymers , 2008. Taylor is now a graduate student at Rensselaer.

Paul Richard Hahn, Exploiting Symmetry to Improve the Performance of Branch-and-Bound for Finding Maximum Independent Sets, 2007. Richard completed a PhD in statistics at Duke and is now on the faculty at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Christian Lucero, Seismic Moment Rate Function Inversions from Very Long Period Signals Associated with Strombolian Eruptions at Mount Erebus, Antarctica , 2007.

Qian Xia, Comparison Between an Infeasible Interior Point Algorithm and a Homogeneous Self Dual Algorithm for Semidefinite Programming , 2006. Qian Xia has taken time out to have a child.

Justin Pope, Proving a Theorem in Zero Knowledge, 2004. Justin is now working for a government agency that prefers not to be named.

Joseph Young, Implementation of a Cutting Plane Method for Semidefinite Programming , 2004. Joseph completed his PhD at Rice University and is now working at Sandia National Laboratory.

Paul Mondragon, A Comparison of Nonlinear Regression Codes , 2003. Paul is working for the Naval Research Laboratory at China Lake.

Jeff Stalvey, Inversion of Nighttime Electron Densities Using Satellite Observations, 2002.

Mark Pfannenstiel, A Real Options Approach to Capital Budgeting, 2001. Mark is now working for Kaiser Permanente.

Julie Luna, Predicting Student Retention and Academic Success at New Mexico Tech, 2000. Julie is now working in the institutional planning and research department at Central New Mexico Community College.

Roseanna Neupauer, A Comparison of Two Methods for Recovering the Release History of a Groundwater Contaminant Source, 1999. Roseanna completed a PhD in the Hydrology program at NMT and is now an assistant professor at UC Boulder.

Jon Stinger, Nonlinear Inversion of 834 Angstrom Airglow to Ionospheric O+ Number Density, 1998.

Alex Hilgendorf, Linear and Nonlinear Models for Inversion of Electrical Conductivity Profiles in Field Soils from EM-38 Measurements, 1997. Alex is now at Wingra Technologies.

Judith Furman, An Exact Parallel Algorithm for the Maximum Satisfiability Problem, 1996. Judy entered the PhD program at Clemson.

John Cernazanu, Decision Analysis Using Monte Carlo Simulation and Importance Sampling, 1995. John is now at Hughes Aircraft.

Ram Mulupuru, A Computational Comparison of Simulated Annealing and Tabu Search Applied to Pure Binary Integer Programs, 1994. Ram is now at Microsoft.

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