Socorro Bouldering Guide - Spook Canyon - Introduction

Spook Canyon is located six miles West of Socorro on US60. Head West out US60 through a notch with rock walls on both sides. Take the next left on a dirt road, there will be a tiny shrine at the bottom of the road. Head left (East) about 1/4 mile from the shrine until the road turns South at the base of the hills to the East. Take the next right, and follow the crappy road to two parking areas, with obvious cliffs to the West. Don't drive down the steep part into the creek, or up the loose steep road, please hike. Although the sign is usually missing, this road has been closed to vehicles by the BLM.

Spook parking area: UTM 13S 0317032 3763718

You can see the main walls from here to the West. The left one is the main Spook area with spiffy boulders below, the right is Wallflower Wall.

All of Spook Canyon is on BLM land. Unlike Box Canyon, which has seen heavy climbing use for decades, most of the major development of Spook Canyon happened from the late 1980s to the mid 1990s.

Spook rock tends to be sharp, porous and positive, which feels good on hot summer days when most boulders feel greasy.

Spook's weather conditions are identical to Box Canyon, except that Spook is on the other side of the hill and gets morning sun, evening shade, and sometimes the hill can block the wind.

During a particularly wet summer one year, the stream flowed for a few weeks. It was really nice to boulder amongst the flowers while the stream gurgled. As a bonus, the Biting Bugs of Box never got bad that year.

updated July 9th, 2003
Bob Broilo