Socorro, New Mexico, Bouldering Guide

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2016-02-26 -
Download the abridged printable guide from the 2015 Comp (PDF 4.4MB) then print in booklet form.

2008-05-21 - Contact with Cooch who climbed here from 1987 to 1990, and Emmet, 1988 to 1993.

2008-02-12 - From the BLM: There has been a serious incident at the Box, in the large shelter upslope and northeast of the parking lot, with the large zigzag and diamond-pattern pictograph...

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Map of Areas

Some of the areas below are clickable:


Please read the Introduction for important information about access, ethics, hazards and conventions.


If you have any information, history, FA info, complaints, or ideas please mail me:
I know many people would rather complain on on-line forums and such rather than work together. But I know this guide is not accurate or complete and is limited by a lack of information, so please cooperate if you want the truth told. I am especially interested in the early development of Box Canyon.


New stuff that hasn't been put in the main guide yet.


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socorro_boulder_guide_091109.tgz (tarball 11.9MB) (zipped for you masochists who run winders 11.9MB)

Unpack the file preserving path information and then point your brower to the file index.html. Now you're mobile! Gee, I should write a cgi script to create these files on demand so you always get the latest version.

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Older News

2007-5-31 - Added the old Hufnagel guide, and fleshed out the history some more. Still needs a lot of work. 2007-3-2 - Added clickable maps, a printable map of Box and Spook, and several minor areas, as well as mucking the layout a bit for usability.

2007-3-1 - The bees in the hueco in the lower Monkey Bars area have become more aggressive. They have stung people who get close to the hole (we used to stand right next to the hole but they would ignore us).

2007-2-14 - New Box and Spook overview map with roads and parking

2007-1-11 - Added the Scrotum area

10-5-2006 - A slice of history of Socorro and the Enchanted Tower during the 80's, an exciting time. By Phillip Simon, with pictures and a hint of more to come!

6-13-2006 - Actually Jemez Rock only covers the Pond and Corral, missing is the Ridge, the Range, and the smaller areas. So maybe the map will get updated and put back up.

5-23-2006 - Lame ponderosa map removed because now there is a real guide: Jemez Rock by Marc Beverly.

updated March 1st, 2007
Bob Broilo