Socorro Bouldering Guide - The Reef - Introduction

The Reef is located about 2 miles East of the Quebradas Back Country Byway in Arroyo Tinajas. The Quebradas Back Country Byway is a beautiful road that winds through the hilly terrain East of the Rio Grande.

Turn off I25 on exit 152, Go East and follow the pavement as it turns North. Turn right (East) at Escondida Lakes and cross the train tracks and then the river. Follow the pavement as it winds through the tiny village of Pueblitos and turns South, becoming dirt soon. About 1/2 mile later the Quebradas Back Country Byway turns left, it should be a well-maintained road with signs. Drive down this road about 10 miles, after winding through some hills it will turn South and be straight for about a mile. Park where the Arroyo crosses the road near a red escarpment of sandstone. Hike East up the wash and into the canyon, about 2 miles.

The reef is limestone in a deep canyon. It is very hot in the summer as the light limestone walls reflect sunlight down in and breezes are rare. In the middle of winter in can be bitterly cold as the sunlight rarely hits the canyon floor. The arroyo is also prone to flash flooding from storms far to the East.

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updated March 2nd, 2007
Bob Broilo