Socorro Bouldering Guide - Box Canyon - THC Wall

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A bizarre little pocket of box rock that looks and climbs like extremely clean, solid sandstone. There is no easy way to get here, but it is worth the hike. The easiest way to find the wall is to drive South from the Waterfall parking lot, through the wash, then about 1/4 mile to a wide spot in the road. Park here and look East. There is a buttress of chossy dark rock sticking out of the hill. The lighter red rock on the very top is THC wall. Cross the road at the wash and hike East to the right side of the buttress, then up the side to THC wall. A good warmup stop along the way is Roxy's Wall to the South above a lone boulder.

THC wall is also only 300 yards from Upper Spook, and there is a trail across the top of the ridge.

updated February 21st, 2007
Bob Broilo