Socorro Bouldering Guide - Box Canyon - Gravity Boots Area

The promising-looking, but mostly choss, outcrops seen to the East of the road as you head into Box. These areas are best approached using a trail heading North out of the Northeast corner of the Waterfall parking lot.

Cowshit Roof

UTM 13S 0316014 3764147
You can see this roof to the East from the road heading in to the main parking lot. Head North from the main Box parking about a hundred yards on the trail at the base of the hill. Unless you are very lucky, the reason for the name of the roof will become obvious.

The Peck Overhang

A short, powerful roof problem, notorious and typical Peck V4. About 30 yards North of the Waterfall parking lot along the Gravity Boots trail is a tree to your right. Look behind it for a little roof. Sit down in the stickers and grab two miserable underclings. The rest is self-explanitory. The new Maestas guide retro-names this "Burrito Run" and gives it V6.
updated April 2nd, 2008
Bob Broilo