Socorro Bouldering Guide - Box Canyon - GNAR

In the drainage to the Southwest of the top of the Alf Rig hill, there are a few small bouldering areas, I call them collectively GNew Alf Rig, or GNAR. Notables are the Slopes, the Axe boulder, Better Than Hueco, and Alf's Axe. The easiest way to get here is to walk West from the Alf Rig parking and then skirt the South side of the hill. You can also walk West and then South from the Alf Rig boulders.

Some of these rock faces are within full view of the ranch below. You must be polite and maintain a low profile here and not yell or scream. If the ranch dog comes up to say "Hi", send him back gently, he likes to follow people up the hill and then get lost.

The Slopes

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A few very high quality problems on the North-facing side of the boulder cluster.

Axe Boulder and Better Than Hueco

Across the drainage to the North are two walls facing each other. One, short, steep, and blank faces East, while the other, Huecoed and low angle with a sloping landing, faces West. The short one is the Axe "boulder" and the tall one is what Alf calls Better Than Hueco.

Alf's Axe

This is the boulder that Alf mistook for the Axe boulder. It is a small, lone boulder overhung on most sides halfway between the Slopes and the top of the drainage.
updated March 1st, 2007
Bob Broilo