Socorro Bouldering Guide - Box Canyon - Alf Rig

Named after Alf's Rig, which used to be parked in one of the mining scars near here. Alf's Rig was an old school bus, which he lived in. He ran his computers and lights from large solar panels and old car batteries.

A visit to Alf in his rig
A visit to Alf in his rig at Alf Rig

Yes, this is the same Alf you've heard about.

Further South down the road from the main Box parking lot, through two washes, up over the hill, you'll come upon a valley with some red rock walls. The closest wall is Major wall. Just before Major wall the road "Y"s. the less-travelled, right-hand two track road goes up the side of the hill. Follow this road through a gate, and close the gate behind you. At this point you'll realize that a high-clearance vehicle is nice here. A few dozen yards further up the hill the road turns West and branches. Make a sharp right-hand turn here and follow the road North up until it turns West again and passes a few mining scars. Park here.

Alf Rig Parking: UTM 13S 0315833 3761972

The Northern side of the hill to the West is your objective. Hike West and cross the fence, then trend to the right a bit to stay on the Northern face. You should soon see nice roundy boulders.

American Beauty Boulder

UTM 13S 0315553 3761934
A tall boulder with a stunning North face, uphill from Slappin' the Captain and West of the Tortoise. Named after the Grateful Dead album. Problems on the North face. It was here that I got to hear the Highway 395 Meth Hos story, from two of the protagonists.

    American Beauty Boulder, North face
    American Beauty Boulder, North face (and KC the spiffy dog).

  1. Ripple - B1
    Start on the big shelf and go up and left the licheny face.
  2. American Beauty - B2 tall, bad landing
    Start on the big shelf and go up, moving right to the arete to top out.
    Falls from up high tend to land in the boulder pile to the right, near the small tree
  3. The Little Red Crystals in my Kidneys AKA Candyman - B1 tall, bad landing Peck
    Sit start on slopeys on the right side of the face. Go straight up.

Slappin' the Captain Boulder

UTM 13S 0315563 3761945
Just downhill (North) from American Beauty and East of Peck's Traverse.
    Slappin' the Captain Boulder, North face
    Slappin' the Captain boulder, North face.

  1. Slappin' the Captain - B2 V6 (V6-V7) Scott or Nathaniel
    Sit start on the right side of the little cave, do slappy moves left, and then turn the lip and go up the black streak in the bowl.
    "I actaully tore a hamstring completetly in half on it, it still is missing thanks to Dr. 'Quack'. Upon hearing my hamstring break (it sounded like a very large finger tendon breaking) Nathaniel exclaimed `That was the loudest sound I have ever heard produced by the human body, it actually made my ears hurt.`" -Peck (Doctor's name removed until legal advice sought)
  2. The Blunt Connection variation - B2 Scott
    Do Slappin' the Captain but go up the arete.
  3. Patting the Robertson - B1 Scott
    Sit start as for Slappin' the Captain but go straight up.

Peck's Traverse and Warmup Wall

Just downhill (North) from American Beauty and West of Slappin' the Captain.
    Peck's Traverser, lower (right-hand) section
    Peck's Traverse, lower (right-hand) section.

    Peck's Traverser, upper (left-hand) section
    Peck's Traverse, upper (left-hand) section.

  1. Peck's Traverse - V1 Peck
    Sit Start on the North (downhill) end of the boulder. Do weird moves left and up until it gets too juggy, then top out.
The Warmup Boulder is just downhill from Slappin' the Captain, and just to the left (East) of the start to Peck's Traverse. It's a short North-facing wall with several cool warmups on it. I'll have more specifics for you all soon, but for now go play on it. Trail of Blood Boulder is just downhill and Northwest.

The Tortoise

A few yards West of American Beauty boulder is a funky boulder with a big pointy overhang on the Northeast corner. There are several tortoise simulcra on it.

The Lightbulb

UTM 13S 0315544 3761915
More simulcra. To West and Uphill from The Tortoise and look for a lightbulb-shaped feature on a boulder. This is The Lightbulb Boulder.
    The Lightbulb
    The Lightbulb

  1. Lightbulb - V?
    Sit start on the North face, go left to the lightbulb-looking feature, then top out left.
  2. Boneyard - V?
    Just to the right of Lightbulb.

Operation Idaho Freedom Boulder

Just uphill (South) of American Beauty boulder and just East of The Lightbulb. The North face has a slabby landing zone. Worked during the Gulf War Sequel.

Miscellaneous Alf Rig problems

updated January 6th, 2010
Bob Broilo