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When it comes to picking a school to study biology you have 3 choices:

          Large universities

         Small to medium sized liberal arts colleges

         New Mexico Tech

Large universities are focused on graduate research. While these are good places to get a PhD, they may not be the right choice to study at the undergraduate level.  Here are two reasons why:

Large class sizes.  At large universities many freshmen courses have more than 150 students in a class.  In this environment many students struggle without individual attention and can  slip though the cracks .  In this atmosphere there is very little opportunity to get to know your professors on a one-on-one basis which is a key first step to developing a mentor-student relationship.

Limited opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research projects.  While there is a great deal of research being performed at theses institutions most of the research opportunities are for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.
Small liberal arts colleges have the small class sizes that are critical for receiving individual attention and facilitating mentor-mentee relationships, but they generally lack strong research programs.  Hands on participation in a research program at the undergraduate level greatly aids in your development as a biologist and will facilitate your acceptance into the medical school or graduate school of your choice.

New Mexico Tech is unique in that we offer both small class size(typically fewer than 25 students per class) and many opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research.  Every faculty member at Tech is expected to include undergraduates in their research program.  Many of our undergraduates publish their research results.

For information on Biology research projects that have included the participation of our undergradutaes, see the Research page.
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