Department of Biology
801 Leroy Pl.
Jones Annex
Socorro, NM 87801

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Dr. Rebecca A. Reiss
Molecular Genetics, Evolution
Dr. Snezna Rogelj
Biofilm Mitigation, Drug Discovery, and Development of Anti-microbial Materials, Department Chair
Dr. Thomas L. Kieft
Microbiology, Environmental Biology
Joining us Fall 2016!
Lindsay Waldrop
Dr. Lindsay Waldrop
Comparative biomechanics and animal physiology
Siobhan Watkins
Dr. Siobhan Watkins
Bacteriophages, genetics & biotechnology
Penelope Boston, Ph.D. (Cave Geomicrobiology)
Robert E. Markwell, MD (Medical Professions)
Sally Pias, Ph.D. (Chemistry)
Menake Piyasena, Ph.D. (Chemistry)
Michaelann Tartis, Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering)
Stewart Thompson, Ph.D (Neuroscience)
Taffeta Elliott, Ph.D (Neuroscience)
Duane Beers, DDS (Dental Professions)
Dr. Al Smoake
Troylyn Zimmerly
Lab Associate
Animal Care Facility
Vanessa Quinones
Department Specialist
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NMT Biology People
Dean Wilkinson, DVM (Veterinary Professions, Instructor)
Pepita Wilkinson, DVM (Veterinary Professions)
Liliya Frolova, Ph.D (Chemistry)
Steven Buelow, Ph.D (NM Consortium)
Callum Bell, Ph.D (NCGR)
Paul Calvert, Ph.D (Chemical Eng., 3D printing)
Donald Wolberg, Ph.D (MST Program)
Dr. Benjamin D. Duval
Ecosystem ecology, plant & soil ecology.