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Dr. Snezna Rogelj
Professor and Chair of Biology
Phone: (575) 835-5608
FAX: (575) 835-5668
Office: Jones Annex 315

2009-2014 Director of NIH INBRE 
Chemical Biology Screening Core (CBSC)

02/09-now NMT NIH INBRE Liaison

7/11 - now       Chair of Biology Depart-
ment, New Mexico Tech


Ph.D. Biochemistry, 1985
Dissertation:  Action of Retinoic Acid and cAMP in the
Differentiation of F9 Teratocarcinoma and B16-F1 Melanoma Cell Lines

Boston University School of Medicine
Summer Physiology Course at Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, 1982
B.S. Physics with Emphasis on Astronomy, 1976, Ohio State University

Dissertation: Action of Retinoic Acid and cAMP in the Differentiation of F9 Teratocarcinoma and B16-F1 Melanoma Cell Lines


U.S. Department of Energy's Defense Programs Early Career Scientist and Engineer Award. 1999.

Outstanding New Mexico Tech Professor, 2009

NMT Distinguished Research Award, 2017

Snezna Rogelj
Professor of Biology
New Mexico Tech
801 Leroy Pl.,
Socorro, NM 87801
Phone: (575) 835-5608
FAX: (575) 835-5668
Office: Jones Annex 315
Research Assistant Professor of Pathology, University of New Mexico Medical School 1/97 to 6/98) and Research Associate, Department of Pathology at UNM Medical School (93-96). Molecular mechanisms of leukocyte target recognition in the human immune and inflammatory responses.
Scientist, ASTRA Biomedical Research Center, Bangalore, India (1989-1992). Parasitology: Developed a cell-line from the tapeworm Taenia Solium. Heterologous gene expression in yeast and mammalian cells.
Lecturer, Harvard Medical School, Children's Hospital, Boston, MA. Department of Surgical Research, (1988-1989). Role of growth-factors in tumorigenesis, neovascularization, and the metastatic spread of tumors.
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Whitehead Institute at MIT, Cambridge, MA. (1984-1988). Molecular and cell biology of growth factors in cancer. Participated in the cloning of the first anti-oncogene.
Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Biochemisty, Boston University School of Medicine, (1979-1984).
Technician, Honeywell-Avionics Division in Minniapolis, Minnasota, January-August 1979.
Research Assistant, Hematology Department, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. (1976-1979)
Teaching Assistant, Astronomy Department, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. (1974-1976).
Masters of Science Gratduates from Rogelj Laboratory:

1.Manuel Adrian Rubio (2002): Functional Equivalence of  Selected Pesticides and Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Prescription Drugs.

2.Amy Michelle Garcia (2002): Mercury Modulates Human  Immune Function by Altering the Expression of  Leukocyte Adhesion Molecules.

3.Karen Cooper (2002): Immunosuppression by Environmental Pollutants via the Loss of L-Selectin.

4.Huining Liang (2002): Development of Immuno-PCR Methodologies for High Sensitivity Detection of Pathogenic Proteins.

5.Catrina Huff (2003): The Development of a Novel Biosensor for Rapid Detection of Calmodulin Inhibition by Pesticides and Pharmaceutical Drugs.

6.Kate Shapland (ABD 2004): Development of Aptamer DNA Methodologies for High Sensitivity Detection of L-selectin Protein./ Signaling Pathways that Lead to the THC-Mediated L-Selectin Shedding.

7.Caroline Maynard (2004): Effect of Selected Pharmaceutical Drugs and Environmental Pesticides on Cyclooxygenase I & II activity.

8.Kimbery Reiter, Medical Student at UNM; completed Medical School Research Project  "Tamoxifen Promotes Leukocyte L-selectin Shedding in an Activation- and Calcium-Independent Manner" (2004) .

9.Michele Denton (2005): Development of a DNA Tag library for Use in Single-primer Pair, Multiplex PCR Immuno-detection System.

10.Nicola Maynard (2005): Development of a Bead-Based Assay with the Capability of Detecting Calmodulin-Binding Compounds via Flow Cytometry.

11.Artem Kireev (2005): Synthesis and Comparative Biological Evaluation of Structurally Simplified Analogues of Selected Amaryllydaceae Alkaloids with Potent Anticancer and Antiviral Activities.

12.Troylyn Zimmerly (2005): Immuno-PCR Detection of Escerichia coli 0157:H7 and Campylobacter jejuni. Commercial Preparations of Bacitracin are Contaminated with DNase.

13.Satya Sai Vaddadhi, (2005, M.S. Mathematics): Effects of Xenobiotic Body Burden on Human Health.

14.Kai Shen (2006): Identification of Vaccine-binding Peptides via the Phage Display Technology.

15.Tommie McSherry (2006): Biochemical Characterization and Isolation of Degradative Enzymes in Bacitracin.

16.Marisol Gonzales, (ABD 2006): Induction of Apoptosis by Tetrahydrocannabinol and Tamoxifen.

17.Qiu Jin (2008): Isolation of Vaccinia-binding Peptides using Phage Display Technique.

18.Ray Brungard (2008): Improving Hydrophobic Drug Dispersion and Stability using Surfactant-free Suspensions.

19.Felicia Navarro (2009) : Investigation of Indone-azo Structural Analogs for Growth Inhibition of Multi-Drug Resistant Staphyloccus aureus.

20.Amy Baker-Kireev (2009): "Cellular Stress Response to Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles. 

21.Vineet Patel (2009): Isolation and Characterization of Peptides Binding to Influenza Vaccine Using Phage Display

22. Seth Daly (2010) Antibacterial and Synergistic Activity of Substituted Indoles Against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

23. Indranil Malik (2011) Identification and Characterization of a Novel Antimicrobial Agent Against Drug-resistant Bacteria.

24. Robert Johnston (2011) The Anti-proliferative Effects of the Natural Compound ZR2.

25. Amanda Thomas Peretti (2012): Novel Podophyllotoxin Analogues: Screening for Toxicity and Modes of Anti-Cancer Activity.

26. Paul Bianchi (2012): The mechanism of action and downstream effects of a novel anti-cancer drug Rigidin 8.

27. Alexander Mikhalen (2012): Synthesis and Evaluation of Fatty Acid-Containing Heterocyclic Analogues of Podophyllotoxin for Use in Liposomal Drug Delivery Systems.

28. Anntherese Romero (2013): Investigation of Natural Product Analogues as New Anticancer Agents.

29. Gina Nguyen (2013): Drug-induced Growth Inhibition of Human Glioblastoma.

30. Les Edwards (2013): Combination Antimicrobial Therapy: In vitro photodynamic therapeutic and synergistic activity of novel drug candidates.

31. Cody Champion (2014): Photodynamic Anti-MRSA Activity of Modified Indoles.

32. Temilade Cecelia Ogunro (2014):  Effect of Temperature and Ergosterol Content on Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) Viability. 

33. Alex Pendleton (2016):  Normalization, Differentiation, and Growth Arrest of Glioblastoma Cells by a Small, Novel Anticancer Molecule AKS7. 

34. Danielle Turner (2016) Drug Discovery for Chagas Disease."

35. Marie Johnson (2017): Bioremediation of the Peroxide  Explosive Methyl, Ethyl Ketone Peroxide by Horseradish  Peroxidase. (Rogelj academic advisor, Paul Calvert (MatE) research advisor)

36. James Horne (2017): Experimental and Computational Meta-transcriptomic Tools towards Medical and Environmental Applications. (Rogelj academic advisor, Patrick Chain (LANL) research advisor)

37. Talysa Ogas (2017):  In vitro characterization of the mechanisms of action of a small novel hydroxamic acid compound in Glioblastoma Multiforme.

38. Shishir Acharya  (2017):  A Study of Environmental Pollutants' and Anti-Candida and Anti-Beta-lactamase Drugs' Toxicities.

Masters of Science Teaching Degrees:

1. Azza Ezzat (2009): Teaching Dynamic Interdependence between Teenage Physiology and Behavior.

Thesis Committee Member or Co-advisor:
1.Bridget Rutz (M.S. Biology with Dr. Kieft)
2.Justin Tibbitts (M.S. Biology with Dr. Kirk)
3.Sandy Dunaway (M.S. Biology with Dr. Smoake)
4.Joseph Pierce (M.S. Biology candidate with Dr. Smoake)
5.Margaret-gail Medina (Ph.D. Materials Eng.with Dr. Bond)
6.F. Arzum Simsek (Ph.D. Materials Eng. with Dr. Bond)
7.Rebekkah Silva (M.S. Biology with Dr. Kieft)
8.Zhu Fu (M.S. Biology with Dr. Kieft)
9.Bridget Rutz (M.S. Biology with Dr. Kieft)
10.Sandy Dunaway (M.S. Biology with Dr. Smoake)
11.Susan Velarde (M.S. Biology candidate with Dr. Smoake)
12.Misty Millison (M.S. Biology M.S. with Dr. Kieft)
13.Nikki Beauchamp (M.S. Biology with Dr. Shors)
14.Hiashi Cao (Ph.D student in Chemistry, with Dr. Heagy)
15.Madhuri Manpadi (Ph.D student in Chemistry, with Dr. Kornienko)
16.Severine Van Slambrouck (Ph.D.  in Chemistry with Dr. Steelant)
17.Amanda Bernauer (M.S. Biology candidate with Dr. Kieft)
18.Angela Dickey (M.S. Chemistry with Dr. Pullin)
19.Yujie Jin (M.S. Environmental Engineering with Dr. Huang)
20.Tamara Hartenberger, (M.S. Biology with Dr. Shors)
21.Jeff Bogzevitz (MST Biology with Dr. Shors) 
22.Ernest Yufenyuy (M.S. Biology with Dr. Kieft)
23.Jerimiah (Jeb) Robinson, (M.S. Materials with Dr. Majumdar)
24.Artem Kireev (Ph.D. Chemistry with Dr. Kornienko)
25.Manoj Kumar (Ph.D. in Chemistry with Dr. Zhang)
26.Giovanni Luchetti (Ph.D. candidate in Chemistry, with Dr. Kornienko)
27.Yanyan Guo (Ph.D. candidate in Chemistry with Dr. Zhang)
28.Nikolai Edvokimov ( Ph.D. candidate in Chemistry with Dr. Kornienko)
29) Jacy Ganz , MS in Materials, advisor Dr. Tartis
30) Elizabeth  Larkin, MS candidate in Materials, advisor Dr. Tartis
31) Alexander Mikhalin, MS  in Biology, research advisor Dr. Tartis
32) Ranjith Kumar Meka,  PhD candidate in Chemistry, advisor Dr. Heagy
33) Anntherese Romero, MS candidate in Biology, research advisor Dr. Magedov
34)  Margaret Snell, MS candidate in Mathematics, advisor Dr. Hossain
35) Robert Johnston, PhD candidate in Materials Engineering, advisor Dr. Tartis
36) Alex Kent, PhD candidate in Computer Science and Engineering, advisor Dr. Liebrock
37) Shawn Henry, MS in Chemistry; Dr. Liliya Frolova, advisor
38)  Patrick Illescas, MS in Biology; Dr. Rebecca Reiss, advisor
39) Karen Simmons, Biology MS, Dr. Thomas Kieft, advisor 
40) Olivia Chavez, Biology MS, Dr. Thomas Kieft, advisor
41) Rubi Gurung, PhD candidate in Chemistry; Dr. Menake Piyasena, advisor 
42)  Gayatri Gautam PhD candidate in Chemistry; Dr. Menake Piyasena, advisor 
43) Rajendra Gautam, MS in Chemistry; Dr. Gayan Rubasinghege,

Rogelj Post-doctoral Research Associates:

1)Dr. Hongkuan Fan (2001-2002)
2)Dr. Hong Tang ( 2004-2009)
Dr. Megha Khandelwal (2016-2017)