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Thomas L. Kieft
Professor of Biology
New Mexico Tech
801 Leroy Pl.,
Socorro, NM 87801
Phone: (575) 835-5321
FAX: (575) 835-5668
Office: Jones Annex 2##
E-mail: tkieft@nmt.edu

Current Research

I'm an environmental microbiologist with interests in the ecology and biogeochemistry of microbes in extreme or unusual environments. 

I have studied the microbiology of deep groundwater environments for 20+ years.  Sampling has involved deep drilling and also access to the subsurface biosphere via deep mines. 

I'm currently working on NSF-funded projects investigating the deep biosphere in South African gold mines (http://deepbio.princeton.edu/samp/sindex.htm) and planning for geomicrobiological research at the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL) in the Black Hills of South Dakota  (http://www.dusel.org/).

Specific Research Interests
Microbiology of subsurface terrestrial environments
Soil microbiology
Physiology and ecology of water-stressed microbes
Groundwater microbiology
Microbiology of extreme environments
General Research Interests
Microbial ecology
Environmental microbiology
General microbiology
Molecular ecology
Examples of previous Research Projects:
Biological hazard detection system for pathogen detection and surveillance
(click here for more info)
South African Ultradeep Mines: Long Term Sites for Interdisiplinary Studies (LSLIS) into the Extreme Envrionment of the Deep Subsurface. (click here for more info)