Tournament Director's Guide for Billy Aardd's Club

By William Grother

Copyright 1991 by Billy Aardd's Club.

The Billy Aardd's Club Tournament Director's Guide is designed so that future tournaments may be run better and more efficiently (and so that some of us don't get stuck with the job year after year because no one knows how to do it).   In this guide will be hints on choosing tournaments to be run during a semester, tournament rules, scheduling, fees, pay-offs, conflicts, Student Association funding, and other miscellaneous bits of wisdom gathered throughout the years.   It is intended as a guide, not a firm set of rules, because no one can anticipate every contingency.   Hopefully, this guide will make it easy enough for anyone to become Tournament Director.   [Note : I don't claim to have the wisdom of the ages in here, but I will try to address everything that can and will come up in the tournament business.   My experience has taught me many valuable tid-bits that I'll try to pass on.]

Bill Grother  
April, 1991.
Socorro, NM.

Billy Aardd.