NMT at ACUI 2001.

The tournament was held at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs February 16th and 17th.   Thirty-one students, from several schools (NMSU, NMT, ASU, Utah, WSU, ...), were entered.

Auxiliary Services and the Gym sponsored the top six players (in descending order: John Dietrich, Steve Deal, David Byrd, Nick Tarasenko, Aaron Adcock, and Orlando Chaparro) of the NMT qualifying tournament the Billy Aardd's Club conducted in January.

The regional tournament started with Round Robin play.   The players were randomly placed in one of eight groups (fortunately no group had more than one player from Tech in it).   The top two finishers in each group moved on to a single elimination round to determine standings for the tournament.

Steve, Aaron, Nick, and Orlando advanced to the single elimination stage (which was also randomly seeded).   Unfortunately each lost his first match.   Aaron lost his first match to Kevin Chen (who ended up defeating last year's International winner to win first place).   Orlando went the furthest, winning his first three matches then loosing the fourth match (7-5) to the person who ended up in second place.

There was a consolation round, double elimination format, on Saturday morning.   There were sixteen players for that.   Aaron won first place, John and Steve were tied for third-fourth, Nick took fifth, and Dave won sixth place.   The top four players from the consolation round received plaques.

                                 -Play offs-
             Round Robin         Single Elim	   Consolation
             ===========         ===========       ===========
	      Win-Loss            Win-Loss          Win-Loss
             Match (gms)         Match (gms)       Match (gms)

Dietrich                                            Tied 3rd-4th.

Steve         2-1 (9-9)           0-1 (3-7)         7-1
Deal          Play offs.                            Tied 3rd-4th.

Byrd                                                6th place.

Tarasenko     Play offs.                            5th place.

Aaron                             0-1 (4-7)         4-0
Adcock        Play offs.          Kevin Chen        1st place.
                                 (1st place)       5-0,5-3,3-0,3-0.

Orlando       3-0 (18-15)         0-1 (5-7)         1-2
Chaparro      Play offs.         (lost to 2nd
                                 place winner)


Billy Aardd.