SEVEN / NINE / EIGHT Tournament

"C" division - October 12 and 13. "A", and "B" divisions - October 26 and 27.
Sponsored by
Billy Aardd's Club,
and the Game Room.

Entry Deadlines   Wednesday ("C": Oct 9, "A", "B": Oct 23), at 7:00 pm before tournament weekend.

The house Tournament Rules and Regulations, the house General Rules of Pocket Billiards, the house rules on Seven Ball, the BCA 9-ball rules, and the BCA 8-ball rules, will apply to this tournament.

This tournament is open to students, faculty, staff and alumni of New Mexico Tech.   Here is the 7-9-8 page showing the player list and the various brackets for the tournament.

In addition to being a plaque event this running will also be a Threads tournament.   Dress code will be (example, Men:) either necktie or bowtie, a collared long sleeve shirt (any color), dress slacks, dress socks, and good shoes.   Jacket and/or vest are optional.   Please note that the dress code will be enforced.

"C" division will play the weekend of October 12 and 13.   "A" and "B" divisions will play the weekend of October 26 and 27.

Time permitting, the tournament will be a combination of Round Robin play and Single Elimination on a match basis.   Each match will be best 2 of 3 sets.   The first set will be 7-BALL.   The second set will be 9-BALL.   The third set (if needed) will be 8-BALL.   The number of games per set (see following chart) may need to be adjusted due to time constraints.

Match Details
Fall 2013

October 26, 27.
A-division B-division C-division
16 players max. 16 players max. 20 players max.
No. Games Est. Time No. Games Est. Time No. Games Est. Time
Seven Ball Set Best 5 of 9 35 min. Best 4 of 7 35 min. Best 3 of 5 40 min.
Nine Ball Set Best 4 of 7 40 min. Best 3 of 5 35 min. Best 2 of 3 30 min.
Eight Ball Set Best 3 of 5 40 min. Best 2 of 3 30 min. -One- 20 min.

The player limits are due to table and time constraints.

Players will choose which division they will play in at the time they signup.   Known players may have their division entry changed by the Tournament Director (TD).

Entry deadlines will be the Wednesday before the tournament weekend.   The schedule will be posted in the game room by 8:00 pm Friday.

The game room will open at 8:00 am Saturday for check-in and warm-up.   There will be a pre-tournament meeting for all players at 8:30 am on Saturday, to review the operation of the tournament.   Any alternates wishing to play should also be present before the first matches start (in case a player hasn't shown up).   Players not at this meeting will be dropped from the tournament (and any alternates present will fill available slots).

Prize Money
Fall 2013 A-division B-division C-division
Pay Offs First $25.00 $25.00 $25.00
Second $15.00 $15.00 $15.00
Third $10.00 $10.00 $10.00

The rules that will be used for each game will be available in the game room.   The players should also read the general rules of billiards and the rules and regulations governing tournament play.   The TD, employing the above stated rules, will be available to settle any issue not settled by the referee of the match.

Time constraints require that players know when their matches are and be ready to play 30-minutes prior to the scheduled time. Note that the schedule is subject to change as the tournament progresses (current scheduling will be posted on the white board with the brackets).   A player will earn a forfeit of the first set if he has not started play within 8-minutes of the match being called (to start).   The second set, and hence the match, will be forfeited if the player has not started the second set within 15-minutes of the call to start (after forfeiting the first set).

The opening player of each set will be determined by lag.   In each set the looser of the previous game will have choice of break.

All fouls will give the opponent ball-in-hand anywhere on the table.   Fouls will be called by the referee.   The cue ball can not be legally put in play after a foul until the referee has handed it to the incoming player (i.e. it will be a foul for the player to touch any balls, except for the cue ball when the referee has given it to the player).


Referees will be needed for at least the semi-final and final rounds.   If you're interested in refereeing some matches please contact the TD.   (NOTE: If we don't have referees we can't run this tournament.   Referees will be paid $3.00 per match.)

If there are any questions please bring them to the attention of the TD.

Billy Aardd.