Billy Aardd's Club
Fall 2012 Tournaments.

There are three tournaments planned, so far, for this Fall.   In addition to those tournaments we will be running whichever handicapped ladders (14.1, Straight Rail Billiards, 9-Ball, 3 Cushion Billiards, and Snooker) are showing sufficient interest.

This is a tentative schedule (so please keep an eye here if you're interested in playing any of these tournaments).

Please check the specifics of the individual tournaments for information about tournament format, entry deadlines, and other information.

For past tournaments, and others than those listed below, please see our TOURNAMENTS page.

ACUI 9-ball QUALIFIER   --   November 5 through 11.
Association of College Unions International
(Please note that this tournament is a student only event.

See History of ACUI at Tech for info about previous outings.

Play would be weeknights and weekends as needed.   If possible all play will be done on Saturday (10) and Sunday (11).

ENTRY DEADLINE is Friday November 2 at 6:30 PM.   Sign-up sheet will be in the game room.

There will be a Men's Division and a Women's Division (no further breakdowns in either division).   We are currently figuring the top three finishers, in each division, will qualify to go to the ACUI regional tournament this coming Spring.   At the moment all costs associated with the tournament and trip must be covered by each player.

The format will depend on the number of entrants.   BCA rules for 9-ball will be used.   Each non-finals match will be at least best of 7.   The championship match will be at least best of 9.

For more information on this tournament, (and the ACUI Regional and ACUI International tournaments) please check the BAC Tournament board in the Fidel Student Services game room.

Here are the brackets and schedule for this tournament.

Cut Throat   (in a self seeding format)   --   Saturday and Sunday, September 29 and 30.
(This tournament is open to students, faculty, staff and alumni of New Mexico Tech.)

The entry deadline for this tournament will be 6:30 PM Tuesday September 25.   The field is limited to 32 players.

It is a full two day tournament though, so please don't sign up unless you can commit both days to the tournament (missing players from a foursome really hoses this tournament).

The players' meeting will be at 9:00 am tournament day.

It's a fast paced tournament (see the Past Tournaments link for more info) that we've run many times before.   Most everyone, regardless of their skill level, finds this a fun tournament to be in.

There is no entry fee or deposit for this tournament, but there may be prizes (depends on what's in the Billy Aardd's Club prize fund). .

Here's the schedule for this semester's Cutthroat tournament.

7-9-8 Ball.   --   October 1 through November 18.   Semi-final and final rounds planned for the weekend of November 17 and 18.
(This tournament is open to students, faculty, staff and alumni of New Mexico Tech.)
( This is a Plaque event.)

The format for this tournament is tentatively set for players completing their matches before a given date for each stage of their bracket.   (More on this as the date gets closer.)

No more than 24-players will be allowed in any division due to table and time constraints.   The format of the tournament (number of games per set) may be adjusted to fit time constraints.

Entry deadlines are at 7:30 pm Wednesday, September 26.   The schedule will be posted in the game room by 9:00 pm Friday, September 28.

Players will choose which division they will play in at the time they sign up.   Known players may have their division entry changed by the Tournament Director (TD).

Here's the schedule for the 7-9-8 tournament.

Billy Aardd.